Groupe ABP - À propos de nous

The ABP Group is a Quebec company working in the field of events for over thirty years. We specialize in the rental of event and exhibition equipment. That being said, the day of March 13, 2020 will transform our business in a major way. That day, following our government announcements, the rental backlog was plummeting, temporary layoffs were piling up and the faces of our team members were getting longer. The world of events seemed to be collapsing before our eyes. Everything was in place so that the easy choice was to give up and 'wait for it to pass', but this idea never even crossed the minds of the 3 owners Pierre, Martin and Stéphane. 

From Monday March 16, ideas, brainstorms and strategies were going well. We then appointed a strategic team, which we call the 'SWAT-Team', led by Stéphane Morin, Audrey Lévy, Stéphane Fortin, Geneviève Guay and Antoine Bonicard, who began to launch their ideas one after the other, having as the sole objective of reinventing itself. This is how several new products have appeared in order to meet the regulations surrounding Covid-19. The idea was to highlight our know-how and our network in order to help our society in the battle against the virus. Sanitary kiosks, divider panels, custom-made sanitizer dispensers, masks and many other items were designed and 3D models were created by our extraordinary design team; Genevieve, Jean-Philippe and Marie-Pier. It is following these drawings and prototypes that we began the production of these products, which are now available online.e.

A few weeks later, Audrey had the brilliant idea of transforming our ABP Express division into a larger division that would bring together all our product lines in a single site. transactional : ABP Shop. Long hours of work were required for Stéphane Fortin, Antoine and Lisette to create this 100% transactional site within extremely tight deadlines! This work has paid off since today, the ABP Group is pleased to present to you: ABP Boutique. It is therefore with pride that we invite you to come and see what this reinvented division can offer you and we take this opportunity to tell you that: It's going well.